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Polyacrylonitrile Powder is also called acrylonitrile polymer powder , it is the precursor of acrylic fibers . Polyacrylonitrile powder as a polymer can be used in various fields . It is used as Raw materials for Membranes and Fibers , as Additive for Friction Materials , as modified materials for Plastics and Rubber , and more applications are not enumerate . The average particle size of Polyacrylonitrile powde is approximately 30 micron. Suitable solvents are DMF, DMAc, DMSO,NMP,NaSCN,EC and other solvent systems . We Supply Polyacrylonitrile(PAN) Powder (Powder of Acrylonitrile polymer) globally . Our product range comprises three types:
Model Molecular Weight Moisture Composition Appearance Package
P30T Mw=85,000 <1% Terpolymer(AN,MA,SSS) White powder 25KG/Bag
P60C Mw=150,000 <1% Copolymer(AN,MA) White powder 25KG/Bag
P90H Mw=250,000 <1% Homopolymer White powder 25KG/Bag